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Are you financially astute?

Do you love budgets? Can you mentor a family through the budgeting process; setting a budget and asking the tough questions when the numbers don't seem to work?

Are you a self-described handyman? or a licensed contractor?


Are you one of those people who can fix just about anything?  And do you have the patience to help diagnose repair needs and supervise the repairs? 

Are you into an art? or a sport?

Can you share your love for sewing or cooking? Do you knit or throw pottery? Can you teach an instrument or toss a ball around?

                Changing Your Stars Strategy

Embrace the saying: "You don't know, what you don't know".   Every unknown is an opportunity to learn something new; from creating a budget to fixing a leaky sink.  With every learned task you can say: 

                                    "Now I know".  

Are you a goal setter?

Counsel & Advice

Do you have a listening ear? Are you an encourager? Can you ask the hard questions?

Every question is a good question.  

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