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Melinda Madison: Founder

Changing My Stars began with Melinda Madison, a MD Realtor, being frustrated with her inability to help financially struggling families find a place to live.  This frustration, uniting with a desire to serve God, and understanding the importance of having the dream of a better life, led to the ministry of Changing My Stars (CMS).  Melinda believes that by strengthening families, communities will be strengthened, cities will be strengthened, counties will be strengthened….. CMS families have had AHA moments, they want to lead a better life, they want more for their children than what they have had, they are ready for change. 

Melinda Madison has lived a life that includes poverty, wealth, divorce, the demands of being a single mom, and the importance of having a father in the home.   She understands the must of having an AHA moment, and the deep desire to have a different life.  These life experiences are the root of the dream that has become the ministry of CMS.

Shane Walker

Local host of Morning Edition from NPR News on NPR Member Station WHCP-FM 91.7

Residential Programs Manager for The Salvation Army of The Mid-Shore

Sharing my time, talent, and treasures with CMS is important to me as it gives me another connection to aid those in our community achieve the safe, stable, structured life they deserve.  God saved my life and blessed me with others who came alongside me when I was in need of assistance, and I am now answering the call He placed upon me to serve Him by helping others.

Margaret Harper

I first heard about CMS when Melinda shared with me the story of her experience as a young person growing up and the dream to secure a lifestyle that honors families as well as learning the financial security of being a home owner.

It was a heart time as she talked about the possibilities. She continued carrying that dream into reality. Now we are part of that. The steps of talking about the possible, gathering people to help, educating individuals in an organized endeavor, receiving donations not only money but time and effort of working together are part of the desire of this group.

I saw in my medical career the effects of poor nutrition, lack of family support, abuse and addiction ruining the hope of a life to rise above that pain. Hopefully through resources, care, prayer and seeking Father’s relationship in all of this we can accomplish the trust peace and joy to surround these individuals as well as the practical help! 

Scott Madison

I had the great privilege of growing up with two loving, stable, caring, patient and engaged parents. The older I get, the better I understand the lifelong blessings and benefits of a stable family dynamic (traditional family) early in life. Witnessing the breakdown of the traditional family and the increasing absence of fathers drives my involvement in CMS. Traditional families provide children with important stability and continuity in a complex world. CMS comes alongside families with grace, building relationships, and assisting them to set and achieve personal goals, including but not limited to building wealth and stability through home ownership.

I spent most of my professional life in research. I have an inquisitive and explorative nature, always learning in amazement of God’s creation – wonders of the natural world, biochemistry, and all things critters. This drives my passion for education that leads students in finding meaning and purpose, and moral and intellectual virtue. School choice is growing in the US in a variety of forms. The parents decide where to send their children and hold the educators accountable.  This is an exciting time for the future of our education system, and it will require parents (traditional family) to be unified, mother & father, engaged, and aware of their responsibilities involving their children’s education. CMS has an opportunity to catalyze traditional families to be agents of change in their families and communities.

Sandra Wilson

Sandra worked for Dorchester County Health

Department for 33 years. She retired in 2015 holding the position of Manager of the Health Planning, Education and Outreach Division. During her time with the Health Department she served on and helped to organize local, state, and international boards and committees related to community health and planning. Sandra’s interest in CMS’ mission comes from seeing hardworking families living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to break out of poverty mindsets and move into building wealth and security through home ownership. So few assistance programs are designed for intact traditional families that are making a livable income but just don’t know how to manage their resources to plan and save for success. CMS is designed to assist these families in getting out of the cycle of debt and failure to thrive.

Byron (Sonny) Maddox

My wife and I were married at a very young age.  Starting out with an inconsistent income made the reality of having our own home seem impossible. No financing programs and difficult banking rules due to a recession, while our having a "poverty mentality" only made things worse. Five years into our marriage and our first child came along.  What was it going to look like going forward?  Pursing God and trusting His word changed everything in our life.  Having an opportunity to share some of our struggles and victories with families and encouraging them to trust God's word for their daily life is a privilege.  The reality of home ownership can bring peace, joy, and value to their family as it has to mine.

David Ager

I first heard of Changing My Stars when Melinda was speaking at the church I attend.  We met a few days later to discuss the ministry more fully.  I am a professional planner and landscape architect. I work with developers, builders, property owners
and non-profits to help get their construction project permitted and built. Changing My Stars allows me to use my work experiences and expertise to support our local neighborhood and for a very good cause.  I am grateful for this opportunity to serve Cambridge in this way.

Michael Freeman  

I was introduced to Changing My Stars when Melinda visited my office at M&T Bank.  We talked about her banking needs however the conversation quickly transformed into a conversation about ministry, community, and service.   When Melinda told me about the organization and its goals for the community, I was impressed.   Impressed with the idea and the determination to serve members of our community who need and deserve favor and support.  Impressed with the heart of service of the organization.

I’ve worked in banking for more than 25 years.   I worked in ministry for more than 30 years.   I enjoy helping others in need.  I enjoy helping others achieve financial wellness.

I hope my time and service with Changing My Stars is of benefit to the community we serve.

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