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Moving Families Forward

Moving communities forward, one family at a time

Our desired outcome is mentoring traditional families into the American Dream of generational wealth provided by home ownership.  We will support our families using Biblical principals.  Areas of mentorship will vary with each family: common areas will be finances, home management, education and careers.


Financial Goals meet the parents where they are.  CMS helps the families establish banking accounts, provide guidance on improving credit scores, assists in setting and meeting family budgets.  Financial Understanding is a key to success in the Changing My Stars Program.   Mentors and  financial education partners will help the families set their goals.

Every family is different; every family member is unique.


Mentors will support parents as they consider the difference between jobs and careers.  Families will look at what's best for today, and what goals to set for the future.   Goals for a parent might range from discussing what makes a good employee, to being self-employed, or to work towards a degree. 


Goals for students might be improving their grades, school attendance, or sports/club participation. 


Family Goals are focused on the atmosphere of the home.  Children might need to improve school attendance, or get a part time job, or spend more time outside, away from technology.  Routines might be established, from making beds, to mom or dad reading with a child, to prepping meals for the week.  Family Goals and Financial Goals meet when planning for a family celebration or new furniture or meeting an unexpected set back.  Mentors will provide guidance and make suggestions.

Every family is different; every family member is unique.

Father and Son Playing

Setting Goals is the key to Changing My Stars success.  Goals are set using S.M.A.R.T Goals       ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely).   When a goal is set by any family member, a reward dollar amount is assigned to that goal.  The harder and more time consuming the goal, the higher the dollar reward.  When the goal is achieved, the agreed upon dollar amount goes into a savings account ear marked for them.  A new goal is set with its own reward.  Each family member will have their own goal (s).  

Why Traditional Families?

As followers of Jesus Christ, we believe the Bible to be true and our guide for life.  Our participating families do not have to be professing Christians, but the character qualities found   in the Bible will be shared.

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